Julia is an internationally respected former government executive, academic, policy and regulatory expert in diverse disciplines – ranging from eSecurity, governance, risk, probity, investigations, government relations and the digital economy, through to mathematics and musicology – with outstanding achievements spanning more than twenty years.

Julia was responsible for enforcing spam and telemarketing laws for the Australian government for many years, being referred to in the press as the ‘Government’s chief spam-buster.’  Julia has also managed the Australian Internet Security Initiative, and in 2015 joined the Office of the Children’s eSafety Commissioner to set up and run its cyberbullying complaints scheme.

Julia has now ‘retired’ from the public service and has opened T One Enterprises to provide a range of professional services to government and industry.

From 1 March 2020, Julia will be a Commissioner to the board of the Victorian Building Authority.  Julia is also a member of the Merit Protection Boards an independent statutory body established to hear grievances, appeals and reviews from employees of the Department of Education and Training.